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after the first warning weather. well, i think that thousands of you just gazed at it. friends of mine that wouldn't walk outside for a bag of money went outside to look at this thing. morning, everybody. we'll look at the day part. by lunch, we'll cloud up pretty good. we're in the low 70s now and 78 degrees and that's at noon and on its way to a high of 82. still, 20 above normal and this evening, 80 degrees and looking at the first warning weather doppler. we'll see the thundershowers and showers and we're in a slight risk category by the center out in oklahoma. [ indiscernible ] that's coming in on a summer like, hot and humid air mass. here's kristy breslin at wjz-13 traffic control. well, we got word of
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another accident at route 100, that's going to slow down the drive. and the delays continue southbound as you approach white marsh and the road closiers in towson due to the electrical fire. illen -- hillen closed between burk and stephenson, take maryland avenue. and in columbia, we have an accident involving a vehicle into a tree on the on the belt aways, a slowdown at harford road and looking at the harrisburg expressway, it should be easy for you. and here' cocky's mill and 83. for the most up to date traffic, go to don, back to you. and the water's coming back on in greater towson area.
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and that's after the shut off yesterday. wjz and andrea fujii are back at the towson reservoir. >> reporter: well, good morning, everyone. it's been more than 24 hours since the water went off and the pumps are back on. the crews are still in the area just in case. >> reporter: the water's begining to flow again. that's a welcome site for hundreds of thousands of residents hit by an outage yesterday. it's coming back in baltimore county down to the city county line and that's a problem that impacted some 200,000 people. >> we're talking a lot of businesses and schools and universities and government buildings and hospitals. so, a lot of people were affected, not just the residents. >> i heard like a big boom going off. >> that boom she heard yesterday morning was a fireworking its way up a pole with towson and damaging wires and knocking out power.
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>> and a couple of minutes later, i heard it again and i came out and saw the confusion and the pole was just on fire, like a torch. >> reporter: that meant, no new water could get into the city and as the customers used the water, it wasn't getting replaced. chopper 13 was over the scene as the crews worked to fix the line. 17 schools were forced to cancel classes and bottled water flew off of the store shelves to drink and for simple tasks like flushing a toilet. >> reporter: the department of public works says it takes a while longer for the water to flow to out lying areas. and don, back to you. thank you, andrea. once the service is restored, you'll hear the air coming out of line and then the water will be brown. let it run clear before using it.
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>> we're learning more about a crash that left three people dead. an suv crossed the center line after 10:30 and it hit another car and burst into flames and the other person in the other car was pronounced dead at the area hospital. three other people are recovering this morning after flames swept through a baltimore city apartment building last night. it happened before 11:00 in the 3300 block of liberty heights avenue. two are hospitalized as the crews work to put out the flames, a firefighter also got hurt. >> and battling the blaze, one of the firefighters fell from the second floor window to the ground and suffering burns to his hands and other injuries. >> reporter: no word on the firefighters current condition and the cause of the fire is still not known. new this morning,
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county battled a blaze. so far, 18 have been forced from their homes and including two infants. there's no word on what started the fire. there doesn't appear to be injuries at this point. >> last night, federal air marshalls spring into action as a man attempted to light a cigarette on a plane. >> reporter: the plane was heading to reagan international airport from washington, d.c.. at first, it was feared it could be a shoe bombing attempt. two f-16s were scrambled to escort the plane to the airport
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and upon landing, a man described as a know -- diplomat from kitar was questioned his shoes were examined and no science of explosives were found. he attempted to light a cigarette in the lavatory of the plane. when confronted, he made a remark about a shoe bomber and in this day and age, you don't make such remarks without getting -- [ indiscernible ] the plane arrive and they were taken to a nearby fire station and all of the luggage was on the tarmac and examined by dogs for possible explosives and none were found. >> so, there's a sigh of relief what was feared to be the worst here didn't turn out to be the case. cbs news, denver, international. [ indiscernible ]
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an update this morning on the search for survivers inside a mine in west virginia. two hours ago, the search teams intoed the mine. they're searching for four men. the nbci arrested -- the fbi arrested a 48-year-old man for making death threats to nancy pelosi. and it appears that taxes will be the central issue for the next gubernatorial campaign. bob ehrlich criticized the sales tax increase. >> it's the most aggressive tax you could find. >> and he went head to head
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with the man who beat him. he's criticized ehrlich's tax policies as well. >> he raised fees and he raised college tuition by astronomical amounts. and i think that people have a opportunity to look at the choices that two different men made and decide for themselves. >> and he's open for debating him early this saturday. attack ads are running on the radio already. >> well, it looks like the oriole fans will have to wait longer for the first win of the season. the orioles got off to a fast start. the defense couldn't stop the rally. and the orioles will be back at camden yards against the blue jays tomorrow. we'll bring you all of the action, tune in here to a pregame coverage and stick around for the first pitch.
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. well, the weather will be okay. we'll look at the graphic. and we have a cold front moving our way. in deed, you'll see the cause and effect. in the hot and humid. and the cold front will knock us back almost 30 degrees. we could, as you look at the radar, we could see this moisture migrating east. you could see a gusty thunderstorm in the area a little bit later on. as a matter of fact, we're under a risk category with the severe storm center in normande, oklahoma. >> 82 is the high today and ronnie, good morning, how are you. well, fabulous, how are you. well, all right. >> you look good, just came out of wardrobe.
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70 degrees now and 54% humidity and the barometer at 29.69. you know what? well, the laser pointer is working. let's see here. and we'll need batteries. we're going to tell you about the weather and we'll bring in the first warning doppler weather radar. we're looking out to the west at a new air mass, that's 62 degrees tomorrow and 82 degrees in the area this day's start. as this front comes into the mid-atlantic, we'll see clouds miling in and primarily, an overcast afternoon. it will be a beautiful sunrise and we'll watch it together. and right now, clear scan over
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baltimore and we'll see showers and thunderstorms popping up as the colder air mass comes slamming into the warm and humid like air. as a matter of fact, we're in a risk category. we're seeing maybe a thunderstorm later on. yesterday, we didn't break a record. it only got to 90. you have to laugh when you say that. you know, 60 days ago, we were deep in snow and. yesterday, it got to 90 and the record was 93 in 1929. we missed tieing the record yesterday. and today, 82 degrees and 20 degrees above normal. tonight, temperatures in the upper 60s and tomorrow, clearing skies and an afternoon high of 60 degrees and the breeze and the o's facing off against the braves tomorrow. and it's kristy breslin in
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for sharon. well, we have that accident from the parkway at route 100. expect delays there and in columbia, another wreck involving a vehicling into a tree at parallel lane and 95 corridor, a few brake lights on the southbound lane also. that's on the north east side and the road closiers in towson from the electrical fire. let's look at the traffic control overall travel times on the interrer lupe. 54 miles per hour and 8 minutes to get through. and now, here's a live look at the beltway, we have cars out there and everything's moving at the posted speed. and this is brought to you by toyota. an important message for toyota owners, there's a lot of people wondering about the recalls. get the facts and information
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at >> and marty, thank you. >> and the ronster at the first mariner arena. >> well, you look fabulous. >> yes, the barnum & bailey's circus. >> we have todd here. how are you. >> i'm great. >> where are you from >> >> columbus, ohio. >> yeah, and the circus is in town. >> yes, the 139th edition. >> she's an old lady. >> yes. she is. >> i want to talk about these guys. let's come back live here. this is the chi chi har acrobatic group. come to see us and you'll see them 25 feet in the air and doing amazing routines on moving ships. how do they do this. the practice has to be
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unbelievable. >> it's all about eating twinkies and kool-aid. >> well, it doesn't work for me. we'll talk about the preshow all access. it's phenomenal. >> what you're seeing them now, you'll see it up close and personal if you go to the clown college preshow. it happens an hour before the show and you get to meet the stars and you can take home an asian elephant painting. a girl makes a painting with her trunk and we'll give it away before the show. >> and by the way,the parka determine -- pachyderm parade happened the other day and we brought the animals from the train to the building and march them through town and let everyone say hay. go to our website for more. >> here threw april 18th.
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can you dig that, man? i've got to tell you, that's just off of the charts. i should be inside the table. i wonder if they work part time for a moving company. yeah, beautiful, guys. >> first mariner arena through april 18th. come on down and enjoy. >> well, the out fit is you. >> yes, it is. you're ready for the world court. >> i'll be making decisions tomorrow. >> all right, man. have a great day, guys. >> see you. all right, coming up next on the morning edition. banking on the oriole's home opener and how the city's businesses and restaurants are getting ready. and i'm gigi, that's coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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82 this day, gray and i
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think that rain free throughout the, well, the work and school day. don, take it away. [ indiscernible ] -- >> the home opener is tomorrow and gigi barnett has more. and the businesses are more excited than the fans. >> reporter: the city says it's a combination of location and convenience that will draw the fans to the ball marks this evening. >> the finishing touches on the beirut plaza is almost complete. the hotels are booking up and last minute ticket sales are underway. this is the action before the opening day game and for baltimore, it signals a season of sales. >> this is the unofficial start of the tourism. >> and he says that the success for businesses this year depends on a combination of factors. >> if you look at june in particular, you look at the
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first nine days of june. you have the red sox, the yankees and the mets. >> with 8500 hotel rooms and add in the local atracks and restaurants, the city could see $30 million on big weekends and the visiting fans see baltimore as a fun mini get way. >> the folks come in from new york and boston and they bring the families with them and they're like, we get a better deal buying the tickets at face value and we get museums and attractions. >> and businesses like pickle's bar are already targeting customers and this owner says that one thing that helps is the close location to camden yards and game day deals. you have the location and a good product and we keep people coming back. >> with the winter in the past, businesses hope that spring fever will spark sales as well.
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thank you, gigi and of course, wjz and masn are teaming up to bring you the action and the special coverage begins at 2:00 and stick around for the first pitch at 3:05. and to celebrate the return, we want to see your already made memories from the ballpark. look for the photos here. this is part of the slide show. and yet to come on the morning edition: a relief in towson as water's back on to 200,000 residents. i'm andrea fujii and that's just ahead. and also, they're stepping up the search for teens that threw bricks and rocks to that dog in baltimore" >> tiger wood's come back starts today. i'm joel brown, the story's
6:25 am
coming up. i'm kristy breslin in wjz- 13 traffic control. we'll have up the -- the updates, coming up. with opening day just a day away, we have a great character here with us for coffee with and he's one of the best catchers in the history of mlb. i would say top 20. and he's coming by and sometimes, we just hang out and today, we're talking baseball from his perspective. that's as the morning edition continues after this. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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hello again, it's the bottom of the hour, it's almost 6:29 and it's another summary day's start.
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>> well, you're welcome. you're most welcome. >> i like when you say, you're welcome. >> kristy breslin has the traffic. >> you like what, i couldn't hear you. well, i like when you say you're welcome. >> and thank you, for the compliment. >> and there's blue's brothers here somewhere. it's in the low 70s now, it's a gorgeous, gorgeous day's start and the cold front's sitting to the west and showers and thundershowers to the west and moving our way. and i think we stay, well, we'll stay cloudy and rain free clearly throughout lunch and lunch through kinner -- dinner, we'll be rain free until the evening and it looks like late afternoon and ending and 82 this evening and lunch, 79 and dinner time, 79. thank you for kristy breslin
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coming in for sharon gibala. >> >> you're welcome. we have no more problem on the bw parkway and that's been cleared. as far as the beltway, still, slowing there at harford road and moving to columbia, we're looking at the crash involving the vehicle into the tree. we have a few brake lights to watch out for on the north east side and as far as road closiers from yesterday's fire, burk avenue closed at hillen and hillen closed between burk and stephenson. now, let's look at the beltway at old fort road and the harrisburg expressway. this is brought to you by toyota. an point message for toyota owners. there's been a lot of people wondering about the recalls.
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please visit them at and wjz-13 and andrea fujii have more about the towson reservoir this morn. >> reporter: good morning, don and everyone. a big thank you to have their water back on, most is on to most of area residents here. and it will take longer for the water to flow to the out lying areas. >> reporter: water is begining to flow again, a welcomed site for hundreds of thousands of baltimore county and city residents. it's coming back down to the city county line and that's a problem that, at its peak impacted 200,000 people. >> we're talking businesses and schools and you're talking universities and you're talking government buildings and hospitals. you know, a lot of people were
6:32 am
affected. >> and i heard like a big boom go off. >> reporter: that boom she heard was a fireworking its way up a pole in towson damaging wires and knocking out power to the reservoir. i heard it again and i came out and saw the people and the confusion and the fire trucks were here and the pole was just on fire, like a torch. >> reporter: that meant that no new water could get in to the area and as the customers used the water, it wasn't getting replaced. sky chopper 13 was over the scene the entire day and 17 schools were forced to cancel classes. and bottled water quickly flew off of the store shelves to drink and for tasks like flushing a toilet. >> reporter: and all of the schools are expected to be open once again today. thank you, andrea and once
6:33 am
your service is restored, you'll hear the air coming out of the lines. let it run before you use it. three are dead after a crash on donaldson avenue. the suv crossed over the center like and the suv killed another driver. the identities of those killed will be released later on this morning. a scare on board a plane over colorado and a man is suspected of blowing up his shoes on board and now, we know he was sneaking a cigarette in the restroom the plane, once it landed was kept on the tarmac. and it turns out, the man won't
6:34 am
be charged because he's a employee -- diplomat from kitar. >> and here, a man was killed after driving his bike. >> reporter: sharing the road was deadly tuesday afternoon when a baltimore county driver hit a cyclist. he and another biker were hit. he leaves two young daughters and a wife behind. he teaches his oldest daughter. he was a vibrant presence in the class, i couldn't process it for a while. >> reporter: this is a popular spot to see the cyclists and there's no bike lane around here and there can be a lot of traffic and that leads to friction between the cyclists and the drivers. >> and it's too small of a road for the cars and the cyclers.
6:35 am
they need to widen the road or give them their own space to go. he sees crash victims here all the time. he's even been hit by a car. one of my coworkers had a milk shake thrown at him today. >> and the legislators are requiring a bill to give the bikers three feet when passing. >> especially coming springtime when everyone gets on the bikes. >> the 64-year-old woman that was the driver in the accident has yet to be charged. reporting from baltimore, i'm kelly mcpherson. and the police are investigating to determine if charges should be filed. >> three people are recovering after an apartment fire. a firefighter fell out of the second story window. and the two other people are
6:36 am
being treated for smoke inhalation at bay view. and the local humane society is hoping to identify a group of teens that threw rocks and bricks at a dog. she's expected to recover and anyone with information, call the local animal control. and it's controversial and it will get a lot of attention. a new nike commercial has the golfer's dead father speaking to him on it. >> i want to find out what your thinks was and what your feelings are. and did you learn anything? [ indiscernible ] >> here's joel brown reporting from wjz-13 from augusta, georgia. >> reporter: all the shots
6:37 am
count for tiger woods beginning today. the world's most famous golfer returned after he was sidelined for five months and fans and fellow golfers can't wait. it will be great to have him back and i have a front row seat to see him. >> i think he needs to play the game and he'll do just fine. >> reporter: on the eve of the come back, the master's chairman didn't mince words. >> it's not simply the degree of his conduct, it's the fact that he disappointed all of us and more importantly, our kids and our grand kids. our hero did not live up to the expectations of the role model we sought for our children. >> reporter: a number of his sponsors felt the same way and dropped him after his affairs were public. not nike. >> i want to find out what your thinking was. >> reporter: a new commercial hit the air waves and it uses
6:38 am
old interviews to con front the golfer's problems head on. i want to find out about your feelings and did you learn anything. >> reporter: and later today, they'll learn if he can put his past behind him and return to his winning ways. joel brown, wjz, eyewitness news. >> he'll tee off at 1:42 and you can see the final two rounds here on wjz-13. for a select few who have gotten their hands on 3-d tvs, it will look like a new ballgame. the masters will be available in 3-d. they're saying that the viewers will be able to see what the golfer's see and read the brakes on the green andty'll practically be playing from home >> i remember seeing golf on tv in hd. yeah, you can read the greens.
6:39 am
this is a step beyond that, if you have a tv and how many people do? well, about three. i hope you enjoyed the broadcast. well, unfortunately, this is today's new york post and the reason i'm pointing this out. you go to the video that joel brown did and they did the covers an the plays on words and that's what the people are doing for the background. unfortunately -- somebody else come forward. a 21-year-old next door neighbor. [ indiscernible ] the beat goes on. and then again [ indiscernible ] see, i don't know. i'm really not lying about
6:40 am
that. what did you do today. >> i left my wife that's 8 months pregnant -- >> well, that doesn't sound so bad, does i. >> hey, jesse, what did you do. >> well, you know, i thought about the third -- tiger woods, what did you do today. >> well, tiger -- [ indiscernible ] >> let's go ahead and look at the doppler weather radar and then the forecast. what we have going on is this. we have a cold front to the west and warm today, we'll go for a high temperature of around 82 degrees and you see the showers out on the leftside of the screen and'll look at the forecast, they're not in the bay forecast, we'll bump it up to 83 and we'll look at tonight's forecast. we'll see strong thunderstorms early on and showers throughout the overnight and tomorrow
6:41 am
morning and breezy and cooler and a mixture of sun sand and -- sun and clouds. we're talking about the home opener, rick dempsey is a great friend of baltimore and he's arguably the greatest catcher of our town. he's coming in to talk about the o's. ♪
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this is a pretty day's start. 70 degrees right now. 54% humidity and we're talking about a south west breeze at 8 and the barometer at 29.69. all things considered. this is another superday. and the upper 50s in oakland and 67 elkton and 70 downtown baltimore and d.c. and pax river and naval rare. and we're down to 67 in bel air and 67 in westminster and 65 in bel air.
6:45 am
on kent island, 66 degrees and rock hall. there's the cold front to the west. er the warm air hangs on today. and that means business. yesterday, 90 and today, 82. that's still 20 above normal and a cold front will be coming through and we'll see a few thunderstorms later on energy 83-degrees is the high this day and tonight, thunderstorms and a few showers overnight and an overnight low of 50. tomorrow, 64 degrees is the high and clearing skies and breezy for the o's and blue jays. and a beautiful run of sun and 71 and 68 and sunday. and leaving soon, listen up to kristy breslin. >> well, the drive has not been a bad one, we're looking at a few delays on the beltway system. the northside slowing as you approach harford and traffic
6:46 am
breaks free after that. delays from 795 to security boulevard and 95 minutes to get through and still slowing there and that's from whitemarsh to the north eastside and the harrisburg expressway, a bit of a struggle to swan road. and baltimore city, one accident at maryland avenue. and here's a live look at 95 south of 895 and we're moving along well. this is brought to you by toyota. there's been a lot of people wondering about the recalls, to get the facts and the information, go to" >> thank you. and today's coffee with is just, well, you have to love rick dempsey, on about five or six different levels. one of the best that has played or lived in baltimore. ladies and gentlemen, welcome back to the eyewitness news
6:47 am
morning edition. [ indiscernible ] >> thank you for not putting the big ring on this hand, that would hurt. well, i think that's beautiful that you wear that ring. >> i'm most proud of this than anything i've obtained in the world. >> you can wear it. >> no, it's not like the big raven's ring. >> well, it could be the steeler's, well, it seems like profootball rings have gotten to the point. >> well, it looks like the first base. >> yeah, i know, they're too big, it's not like something you can go out. i wear this every day here in baltimore, when i run into people, they want to see the world series ring and it's not too big, it's a gorgeous little ring. >> let's say you're flying and
6:48 am
you're in dallas and someone says, wait a minute. >> i'm on a south west flight a few weeks ago. the stewardist sees it and i told her that's my world series ring and she said that someone asked me about the record and i'm saying, well, it's fine and now, everyone's listening and people want to hear it and now, they're playing the cd and everyone's rocking. >> did they have it or did you bring it. >> we brought the new one out and i had a new one and we're rocking and everyone's having a great time and i'm laughing an everyone's asking me about the orioles and baseball. >> all because of the ring. there -- all because of ring. >> and there's one greater resume and that's a wedding ring. >> well, hey, it's a wedding ring now.
6:49 am
well, mine is a world series ring, no. >> [ laughter ] >> and i do. >> and that's a great conversation piece and a lot of the fans, they want to talk about it and they're as much a part of the ring as i am and the whole team our fans in the hay day were the best ever and they're like family, they still are. i helped organize -- i was one of the original guys in 34 and i had the '79 tickets to prove it. >> we'll go -- >> well, i have the team pictures of them in the section. >> and you know what? it's great getting that group back together again. man alive, the place is starting to get active again.
6:50 am
the fan base is starting to get active again. >> yeah, it is. it's slowly starting to creep back again. we put together a season and we have it. >> let me ask you, we have about two minutes left. last time you were here, you were jacket up with the sports spring training about the progress, you were talking about the outfield. the best outfield in baseball, potentially now. that's all you can go by. nick markakis should have had a golden glove and ryan, what's he capable of doing, he's going to be getting bigger and stronger and he'll be a middle of the order player and we have
6:51 am
a lot of talent with water -- wieters and then august and september, you can really evaluate them. >> let me ask you this, we started the season on the road. does that take the pressure off of you? well, i guess a little bit. it doesn't matter. everybody's excited at the beginning of the season. everyone wants to get off to a good start. i love starting on the road, especially in the cities where the weather is warm. as you know, back in my day, the weather conditions were harsher than now. there were nights when it was so humid, you couldn't see the isn'terfield. we used to have the stirup socks. >> and i was out there on opening day. and sometimes, it was freezing. a yeah, and the west coast
6:52 am
teams always get off to a better start because of the weather. >> we'll check you out as we play for real. >> and it's fun to see you, marty. >> i would love to have you. >> and the alchemies is going to try to turn this ring into something. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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21 above normal this morning and cold front approaches and the first warning doppler is showing the showers behind the leading edge of the air mass and we'll see a gusty thunderstorm and showers overnight. now, over to kristy breslin. hi, marty, we have trouble to watch out for at the tunnel. we have a disabled vehicle that's blocking the right lane at the tunnel. it will back things up quickly. and still slow on the north eastside and the delays have extended from harford to providence and the westside inner loop are also slow to security boulevard. >> and moving to the city, we have an accident to update you on there. west preston and maryland avenue. and now, we'll look here. you can see 695 and old court
6:56 am
and also, here, 95 and joppa road. a lot of congestion in the area. this is brought to you by the cochran firm. go to their website for more. >> in the head lines this morning, good news for 200,000 people in the greater towson area. the pumps are working and most should have their water back in soon. the pumps are still passing out lying areas. and they'll not have service until later on today. yesterday, an electrical fire knocked out power to the pumps schools are open this morning. >> and stay with us. plus, a midair scare,,,,,,,,,, [upbeat whistling]
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[upbeat whistling continues] discover the unexpected beauty and man-made relaxation in northwest florida. fly southwest's new nonstops from bwi airport to panama city beach starting at $99 one-way. (ding)
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